Country artists often do more than just music, many of them are successful entrepreneurs. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are, among other things, restaurant owners. Kenny Chesney has his own rum. Toby Keith has his own restaurant and tequila. Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Brian Kelly, of Florida Georgia Line, have their own fashion lines. And, these a just a few examples. So many of artists have expanded their money making power to more than just their music, tours and endorsements.

We put it up against a lot of other bourbons. We wanted to put it up against some things that we felt like were good bourbons and it held up to anything we put it up against... It’s a four-year aged bourbon and it’s got a little bit of a sweet taste. It’s smooth and a little smoky too. It’s really got a good flavor to it.

You can get Wolf Moon Bourbon in select markets and at It will very soon be available where ever you buy your whiskey. Cheers.

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[SOURCE: People]

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