We've teamed up with Robert John & Associates to bring you the first-ever MENU MADNESS. The food competition has officially begun, and now it is out of our hands. It's all up to you now. The tournament started with the 32 best signature dishes from local restaurants here in Southern Indiana. Round one voting is done and the field has been cut in half, so now we're on to round three - Elite Treat 8  followed by the Flavorful Final 4, and lastly the Tasty Two. Then in a special Menu Madness overtime round, the favorite Indiana dish will go up against the favorite Kentucky Dish. Epic.

Round 5 - Tasty 2 Dishes

Check out the 8 Southern Indiana dishes that have advanced to round two of MENU MADNESS. Keep scrolling for the voting! 

Menu Madness - Tasty 2 - Indiana


Now it is time to VOTE. Take a look at the individual matchups and vote for your favorite. You can vote as many times as you like!

Thanks for your votes! Now make sure you have our station app downloaded and your notifications turned on, so you'll be alerted when new rounds open!

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At the end of the tournament, when there is only one dish standing, we will have a special ‘overtime’ round, which will pit the winning Indiana dish against the winning dish from our sister station in Kentucky. Then there will be one final vote to see which dish (and which side of the river) reigns supreme!

What About the Kentucky Dishes?

Wanna know what MENU MADNESS looks like across the river in Kentucky? Check out the dishes that advanced to the Tasty 2 KY, and feel free to vote for them too. The matchups are below this gallery of pics.

Menu Madness THE TASTY TWO - Kentucky

Cast your vote(s) now to help determine which dishes move on to the Tasty Two.

MENU MADNESS is brought to you by Robert John & AssociatesInured? Get Serious. Get Robert John & Associates.

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