Here in Owensboro, of course, we take our bar-b-que VERY seriously. We are considered the BBQ Capital of the World which is appropriate since the International BBQ Festival now BBQ & Barrels welcomes thousands of people each year to celebrate the goodness of saucy meats. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever and I can't wait to try what the cooking teams smoke up.

The best BBQ in town is always a controversial subject because we all have our go-to spot. The restaurant you may be loyal to not just for its delicious meats but also those mouth-watering sides like macaroni, potato salad, or classic southern desserts. I'd have a REALLY hard time picking a favorite local BBQ restaurant because they all serve it up like nobody's business.

Why Owensboro Barbecue is Special

Owensboro's signature vinegar-based sauce sets it apart from dry rubs or sauces in other parts of the country that THINK they are best. It's the perfect compliment to hickory smoked meats. So tangy and delicious. I love driving by Old Hickory when they have their smoker going. It always makes me hungry though!

Marvelous Mutton

If you were to ask for Mutton at just about any other BBQ restaurant around the country, they would probably look at you funny. That's because mutton is another Western Kentucky staple most others don't enjoy. What a shame! It's my favorite. After meat magicians baste and slow cook it for hours it becomes so tender and delicious.

Beautiful Burgoo

Burgoo is also a dish that is unique to our area. A stew or soup usually with pork, chicken, mutton, and vegetables like corn, potatoes, lima beans, and more.  I love mine with a little kick of heat, but I've never met a burgoo I didn't like. You can find folks downtown at BBQ & Barrels each May stirring huge kettles of burgoo to serve up in cups or gallons.

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Southern Living Magazine Names Moonlite Best BBQ in Kentucky 2024

Each year, Southern Living spotlights the best BBQ restaurants in each state across the U.S. It's no surprise that the iconic Moonlite takes the top spot for Kentucky's best.

Once again our readers have given the nod to Moonlite Bar-B-Que Inn as the best barbecue in Kentucky, and it’s hard to think of a more iconic example of the state’s signature style. That includes hickory-smoked mutton, beef, and chicken dressed in a tangy orange sauce or thin Worcestershire-laced “dip” along with a splendidly peppery burgoo, Kentucky’s classic barbecue stew. Guests don’t have to hold back either, since the restaurant’s two big buffets are all-you-can-eat.; 2840 W Parrish Ave., Owensboro, KY 42301; 270-684-8143

Do you agree? Who would you say has the best BBQ in the state? It makes me want to put on my stretchy pants and get busy with that buffet! Top it off with some delicious banana pudding. Yum! Big congratulations to our friends at Moonlite BBQ!

Smokin' Good Time! Over 100 Photos Show Tons of Fun at BBQ Festival

It was smokin' in Downtown Owensboro this weekend for BBQ & Barrels. The event featured delicious food, continuous live music, and a carnival for the kids, with beautiful views of the Ohio River. Let's take a look back at a fun weekend.

Gallery Credit: Barb Birgy

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