Recently, a scary situation happened at a zoo in Illinois when a fire broke out and a massive animal had to be rescued.

Zoos In Illinois Take A Lot Of Work For Upkeep

My family and I are big animal lovers. I've always had some sort of pet. Since I can remember I've been a big fan of zoos too. My parents took me as a kid and then I got to experience it with my own daughter later in life. I never want anything bad to happen to them.

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Sometimes growing up, I wondered what it would be like to own an actual zoo or even just work at one. I could only imagine being responsible for all those animals. That would be an enormous undertaking on just a normal day. What if there was some sort of issue or problem? That would put a lot of pressure on whoever is in charge.

Fire At Illinois Zoo
Fire At Illinois Zoo

Fire Breaks Out At Popular Illinois Zoo

I went to college at Illinois State University in Bloomington/Normal. I really enjoyed that area. There were many fun things to do. One of my favorite places to visit was Miller Park Zoo. It was smaller but gave me an opportunity to see animals. The place was free to get in so that was nice for a student.

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Recently, a fire broke out inside Miller Park Zoo. It happened after hours. Luckily, a security guard discovered the small blaze and he immediately called 9-1-1. Firefighters responded quickly and were able to put it out without a problem. No people or animals were injured. There was only some slight damage.

Investigators discovered the blaze was caused by an electric fire in the python exhibit. Rescue workers had to remove the 20-foot-long and 250-pound snake from its enclosure. Of course, it took several employees. That's a massive animal.

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