If you have noticed your car parked in the driveway has changed color to a light green then you know allergy season has come to the tri state. Does it seem like pollen is worse this year? It seems that way to me because all I need to do is open to door to the back yard and I start to tear up and my nose starts running.I feel just  like the fellow at the top of this page who by the way is Robert Redfield, Director of the center for Disease Control. He seems to be having the same trouble as we all are.

My biggest problem is with itchy runny eyes. I have found myself rubbing them almost constantly which I am not supposed to do because of the possibility of spreading Corona virus . So I visited my eye doctor and I found the treatment. Here it is for you free. I'm sure my doctor won't mind me giving this away -- he's a good guy.

The tiny bits of pollen are flying thru the air everywhere. There are a couple of places on your body that are perfect for catching it--your hair and especially your eye brows and lashes. The area around your eyes also has oil glands that make the area even more sticky. The pollen gets caught in this mess and makes it's way into your eyes. What to do?

Wash your eyes. Use this stuff--baby shampoo.

bill love photo
bill love photo

My eye doctor said he washes his eyes three times a day. Lather up your eye brows and lashes and rinse with warm water. You'll be washing away the pesky pollen and any coronavirus spores that may be lurking around your eyes. Two for the price of one.

And by the way, there are some allergy symptoms that are similar to Coronavirus symptoms. The key is that allergies don't normally come with a fever.

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