It Takes a Village No Kill Rescue is in Evansville, and they are working hard to help out shelters in Texas. Currently they are at capacity, so in order to help more dogs, they need to get dogs adopted. Today they're reducing their adoption fees! 

Bella is avialable for adoption through ITV (Photo Credit: It Takes a village)
Bella is avialable for adoption through ITV (Photo Credit: It Takes a village)

ITV will always have a special place in my heart because that's where my George came from! They're a great local rescue, and they work hard to save as many furry lives as possible. Shelters in Texas are overrun with animals since Hurricane Harvey hit, and ITV sees no other option but to help. But in order to help, they need to community to help. They need to get dogs adopted, and quick so they can save even more lives.

Here's what they said on their facebook page:

Our nation is in a state of emergency. ITV is getting multiple requests to help animals affected by the hurricane in Texas and in advance of hurricane Irma hitting Florida this weekend. Our rescue center is operating at capacity, but we must act to help our rescue brothers and sisters who are trying to save as many lives as possible. In an effort to open up kennels, all dogs living at the ITV rescue center have a reduced adoption fee today of only $50. We are open at 1417 N. Stockwell from 12-5 today. If you are considering adopting (or fostering a dog for free) today is the day! Adoptable dogs are posted at Information about fostering is also on our website.

If you've been debating on adding a furry family member to your family, now is the time! Consider rescuing. We have many amazing rescues (both of my dogs came from rescues) in the tri-state area.  Many rescues around the tri-state are stepping up to help the over crowded shelters in Texas, but they can't do it alone. They also need to communities  help.

If you aren't at a place to adopt a pet right now, donations, and volunteering are both great ways to help!

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