Who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory? Aliens, government cover-ups, who is really running the country... things like that. Those types of 'theories' have been around for years, but not until Wikileaks started spilling government secrets did anybody really start paying attention. The latest Wikileaks revelation could mean bad news for you if you ever photographed a National landmark, especially in New York City. According to Wikileaks, you could be labeled as a potential terrorist if you have ever photographed a New York landmark, and if you have ever pointed at an outside camera, chances are you will be considered at the very least, suspicious.

Wikileaks claims that civilian security cameras are photographing us and the facial recoginition images are then fed into a huge data center run by a company called Abraxas Corporation, who specialize in national security.

Privacy advocates are completely up in arms on the off chance this may be true. If the technology is good enough that all of our public interactions could be monitored, it could be a civil rights violation according to some. If you have ever watched the CBS show 'Person of Interest', you know exactly what technology

they are talking about.

Even if we are being monitored, does it really matter? There would be no cause for concern if you weren't doing anything that could be considered suspicious... right? These cameras are everywhere, on the sides of bank buildings, department stores, even Wal-Mart for crying out loud. But whether or not they are being used to monitor the general public might be a stretch... or is it?