I was watching NBC Nightly News last night with my wife and heard something that really made me angry. First of all, I usually don't like to blog about political issues, but this issue really sent me over the edge. The story involved New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) and President Obama (D) walking together on the newly opened New Jersey Boardwalk that was heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy months back. Brian Williams set up the story by pointing out what a good relationship Christie and the president seem to have and how republicans have heavily criticized Christie for being so chummy with the president. What...really? Two leaders working together for the sake of the people of New Jersey and that's a bad thing just because they are from different parties??? Somebody needs to explain that to me.

One of the biggest problems in this country today is the partisan politics that ALWAYS gets in the way of progress regardless of the issue. Democrats hate everything the Republicans propose and the Republicans hate everything the Democrats propose and as a result, you and I are constantly left holding the proverbial bag and wind up suffering the consequences of their total inability to work together to solve the issues that are crippling this country.

The whole reason the 'sequestration' happened in the first place was because our leaders couldn't agree on one single thing and each stayed on their party's line. The economy tanked and each side was blaming the other to the point it was comical, but it was anything but a laughing matter to the American people who were completely helpless to do anything while being held hostage by partisan politics.

Hurricane Sandy literally changed the shape of the Eastern Seaboard and recovery has been beyond slow because none of them can agree on what to do. There are still hundreds of residents who remain homeless and piles of debris that should have been cleaned up long ago.....it's ridiculous.

Personally, I thought it was great the way Governor Christie and President Obama surveyed the situation together and discussed recovery plans. Isn't that what our leaders are supposed to do....put politics aside and do something for the greater good of the people? The problem was and still is, they are the only two that are working together and that is infuriating.

Christie was taking heat from the Republicans and President Obama was taking the same heat from Democrats...why? Because they got along and showed mutual respect for one another and shared a common goal of getting these issues resolved in a way that would benefit those most affected! What is SO wrong about that? Somebody...anybody?

Partisan politics seems to be flourishing now at a level that that we have not seen in years and it's time stop it. Too many very important issues are hanging in the balance of this ludicrous debate that will never get resolved unless we change courses and start working together instead of against each other for the wrong reasons.

I think the future of this country is completely dependent on our ability to work from a standpoint of common ground and common goals. If that cannot happen, then you and I need to fire some people in the next election...maybe all of them and start over. Either way, something's got to give.

I would also like to thank Governor Christie and President Obama for at least TRYING to work together when nobody else can. I am just one American, but I think your friendship and mutual admiration for each other is a great place to start. To the members of Congress and the Senate, if you really care, you will follow their lead...our future depends on it.

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