Every year, a man from Decatur, Indiana dresses up as Michael Myers and each video filmed by his wife will have you rolling with laughter.

Everyone has their own way to get into the Halloween spirit. Some decorate their homes, others spend days watching scary movies. One man from Decatur, Indiana takes things a step further. He dresses up like one of the most iconic horror movie villains of all time, Michael Myers from Halloween.

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So what makes this guy dressing up as Michael Myers so special? It's really the interaction between him and his wife. Each year around Halloween season, this man goes out on the town dressed as Michael Myers while his wife spots him and films what he's doing while usually telling him to go home and begging him to stop embarrassing her. Here's a little example of one of his past exploits:

Michael Myers Returns to Indiana

This guy stays 100% in character the entire time that he is out and about dressed as Michael...minus the whole violent side. He's a much friendlier Michael Myers, but that still doesn't mean that his wife doesn't get annoyed. The funny thing is that his hijinks are getting more elaborate each year.

Michael Myers of Decatur has returned in 2023. I recently saw a new post on Facebook of Michael at the hometown football game. You see him walking (as Michael Myers does) along the track towards a group of cheerleaders. What happens next is nothing short of epic. Check it out:

Michael Myers has some moves! If he wasn't too busy stalking high school girls, he'd make a great addition to the cheer team! They're constantly posting his antics on the  Michael Myers of Decatur Facebook page. You never know what he will be doing next. That page is definitely worth the follow to see what all he has done, and what he will do.

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