The Indianapolis Zoo welcomed three new animals over Memorial Day Weekend with the birth of three tiger cubs. Now, they're looking for your help in naming two of them.

The three cubs, one girl and two boys, were born on Friday, May 27th. Their parents are 7-year-old Zoya who was also born at the zoo in 2014, and 14-year-old Pavel. The triplets are Zoya's first litter according to a post on the zoo's Facebook page in late June.

But, wait. There were three, right? Why are they only looking to name two of them? Great question. One of the boys has already been named Nicholas by the zoo staff in honor of the Veterinary Surgeon who helped deliver the litter.

How You Can Help Name Two Tiger Cubs at the Indianapolis Zoo

Perhaps learning a lesson from other organizations and companies who thought it would be fun to let the public decide something's name (remember Boaty McBoatface?), the Indianapolis Zoo has already selected three boys' names and three girls' names. They're basically asking you to vote for your favorite. So, sorry, neither of these cubs will have the chance to be named Tigery McTigerface or Sir Claws-A-Lot.

The choices you do have for the girl are Vesna, which they say means "youth and spring, beautiful", Yeva, meaning "life," and Helina, meaning, "bright, vivid, intelligent."

For the boy, your choices are, Jarek, meaning, "fierce, strong," Kuzma, meaning "harmony, universe," and Roman, meaning, "strong, powerful."

You vote for your favorite from now until July 28th (2022) through an online form set up by the zoo. The winning names will be revealed on Friday, July 29th, also known as International Tiger Day. Everyone who enters will be registered to win a Family-Fun Prize Pack which includes free tickets to the Zoo.

Before you vote, take a look at the video below to see the cubs playing after a recent checkup. It may help you decide which names you think fits them best.

[Sources: Indianapolis Zoo on Facebook / Days of the Year]

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