Growing up, I was always around youth sporting events. Whether I was cheering, supporting my friends, or watching my younger siblings, it was an important part of my growing up. During those years and through the many years since, while cheering my own kids on during games, I have experienced the really good in fans and the really bad.

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The good and the bad of sports parents

I have seen parents rally around my son, and us, after an injury. I have also witnessed a massive brawl involving the parents of opposing high school basketball teams.

To me, it's not that difficult to accept a call you don't agree with. I've had to do it a lot. It's not that hard to do because it's just a game and winning isn't everything. Yep, I said it, winning isn't everything.

Kids' sports are supposed to be a way for them to improve their skills, learn valuable lessons in teamwork, and follow through with commitments, Sports are a part of learning life skills for work and play. They aren't to teach anger, disrespect, and violence.


Recent violent incidents involving parents and umpires

Acts of violence against umpires and referees is a growing problem. Any act of violence against another person is uncalled for, but to a stranger, at a kid's game because you disagree with a call, is shameful.

According to Fox59,

Across the country, this past weekend, two incidents of violence against umpires have gone viral. In Texas, a coach was caught on camera shoving an umpire after being thrown out of a little league game. In Mississippi, a mother was arrested for punching a softball umpire and giving the official a black eye.

Trust me, I have disagreed with a lot of calls in my day. And, I'm someone who loves to win. In fact, I have been known to say, I don't do second place. But, not at the expense of others like umpires or referees. Never, would I ever confront anyone about something as stupid as a judgment call on the field or court.

Remember, little eyes are watching how you act toward others


Never forget that you are being watched by little eyes, Be a better person. Be an example of how to respect others and value everyone's opinion. Be grateful and kind to the umpires officiating your kid's games. Think about this, they are out there doing a job you don't want to do that way you can watch your kids play ball.

We need to stop the insanity when it comes to sports parenting

Do you realize that games are having to be canceled due to parent behavior? Do you want parents to be banned from sporting events because they don't know how to behave?

Kids should be able to enjoy sports just like you and I did when we were young. So, we need to stop ruining it for them. We have become a society so filled with hate toward one another, that we have let it affect our kid's activities.

If you are one of those parents, stop taking your anger out on others and get some needed therapy. You will be a better parent and a better human. Period.

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