Indiana State Police Sargent Todd Ringle took to Twitter to talk about the left lane law and how he's cracking down on it in the area! 

Yesterday on Twitter Indiana State Police Sargent Todd Ringle said that in one hour he pulled over 3 vehicles for hanging out in the left lane.  In case you didn't know, the left lane is the passing lane, you get in the left lane to pass people, and then move back over to the right. You aren't supposed to just ride in the left lane.

For instance chuck on Twitter said this:

What if I’m doing the speed limit in the left lane? I’m supposed to move to the right to allow those behind me to exceed the posted speed limit?

To which Sargent Todd Ringle simply replied:


Or Keith on Twitter who asked:

Westbound Lloyd from Newburgh to Eville I have to get in left lane to make left turn, set cruise at 57 and get passed on right, yelled at and flipped the bird - what is a guy to do??

Which again, Sargent Todd Ringle replied:

You shouldn’t be driving in the left lane from Newburgh to Evansville to turn left. Wait till you get 1/2 to one mile away before getting into left lane.

So there you have it! It really isn't too hard of a concept, pass on the left, then get back over into the right.


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