Apparently, if you are looking for a tasty sandwich in Indiana, there's only one place to go. Have you ever had this sandwich?

When it comes to sandwiches, there is an endless variety out there. We're talking about everything from classic Reubens and BLTs with a cult following to local specialties and overstuffed subs. You can get a sandwich practically anywhere, but creating a great sandwich is no small feat. To create the best sandwich, you have to have that perfect balance of bread and fillings. Of course, the toppings and sauce only add to the deliciousness too. A great sandwich is pretty subjective though. Everyone has their own tastes. Personally, I prefer a nice, hot sandwich over a cold deli sandwich. Give me a great meatball sub and I am in heaven. That being said, one website claims that they have found the most delicious sandwich in all of Indiana, and it does sound pretty awesome.

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Indiana Restaurant Serves the Most Delicious Sandwich in the Entire State

The food website, LoveFood recently found the best sandwich in every state. They did so by factoring in genuine user reviews, awards and accolades, and the first-hand experience of their team. So, when it comes to the most delicious sandwich in Indiana, you'll want to stop by Hoagies and Hops in Indianapolis to try out their famous cheesesteak.

Here's what LoveFood says about Hoagies and Hops' cheesesteak:

Bringing a taste of Philly to the Midwest, Hoagies and Hops is run by a husband-and-wife duo who moved to Indianapolis from Pennsylvania in 2007 – and they're so dedicated to the authentic taste of the cheesesteak that they ship meat and pickles from Philadelphia. The meat-packed hoagies are all great here, but the cheesesteaks and chicken cheesesteaks are the definite must-haves.

I was just looking at the Hoagies and Hops menu, and it looks amazing. Everything from various cheesesteaks, hotdogs, unique sandwiches, and delicious sounding sides makes this a place that I HAVE to visit the next time I am in Indy.

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