Gift-giving is a time-honored tradition that takes center stage during the holidays. Whether it is exchanging gifts with your children, extended family, neighbors, or even your coworkers, finding the perfect gift can be deeply rewarding. It can also be incredibly stressful.

One gift-giving practice is polarizing and 35% of Indiana residents do it. While it may raise some eyebrows, others view it as a practical way to spread holiday cheer.

What is this controversial act? Giving away a gift that you received from someone else - we're talking about regifting. While regifting may be considered eco-friendly, practical, and even financially frugal by some. There are others who view the act of regifting as insensitive, and in poor taste.

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Understanding the Art of Regifting

This certainly is not a new concept. Regifting is deeply rooted in resourcefulness and practicality. At its core, regifting can be a mindful and considerate way to share something meaningful with another person. It allows individuals to repurpose an item they may not use or appreciate but could be the perfect fit for someone else. It even promotes sustainability by reducing waste and unnecessary consumption.

Hoosier Holiday Habits

So how do Hoosiers feel about regifting? It turns out, 35% of Indiana residents admit to either regifting or straight-up selling, the unwanted gifts they have received. In fact, according to a recent study, the regifting economy in Indiana is worth a whopping $296 million. That is a lot of unburned candles and never-worn scarves!

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How Hoosiers Measure Up Against The Rest of the U.S.

Fewer Indiana residents admitted to regifting or selling compacted to the rest of the country with 43% of respondents to the survey admitting to doing the deed. In Indiana, one in three people reportedly feel that it is "morally wrong" to sell or regift, compared to 38% across the rest of the country. Almost half (47%) of regifters feel guilty afterward.

More Regifting Statistics

Almost half of those who participated in the study admitted to regifting or selling presents due to financial reasons. In the ultimate gift-giving faux pas, 44% claim to have accidentally regifted to the person who originally gave them the gift in the first place.

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Some Regifting Etiquette

If you are going to regift this holiday season, there are some things you should keep in mind before you pass off your unwanted presents.

  1. Be Thoughtful - Ensure the gift aligns with the recipient’s tastes and preferences. An item regifted last minute that doesn’t suit the person’s interests might convey insincerity.
  2. Presentation is Everything - Always be sure the item is in excellent, unopened condition. It should appear brand new. Thoughtful repackaging or presentation can also elevate the regifting experience.
  3. Attention to Detail - To avoid falling into the 44% who have accidentally regifted to the original source of the gift, keep track of who gave you the item initially and when.
  4. Full Transparency - If you are regifting, be honest about it. There’s no shame in acknowledging that the item, while not right for you, could be perfect for someone else.
  5. Appropriate Items - Generic or timeless gifts, such as unopened bottles of wine, unused candles, or books are often safe to regift. However, avoid regifting highly personalized presents or those that may have sentimental value. It might be better to either keep those or simply return them.
  6. Relationships - Be cautious if you are regifting within close circles or among family members. You run the risk of hurt feelings or misunderstandings and that could make next Christmas incredibly awkward.
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Embracing the Spirit of Giving

Ultimately, the true essence of gift-giving lies in the sentiment behind the gesture. Whether it's a meticulously chosen present or a thoughtfully regifted item, the goal remains the same: to spread joy and show appreciation for those we care about. After all, the magic of the season isn’t solely in the gift itself but in the warmth and love shared. So, whether it’s a brand-new purchase or a carefully regifted treasure, let the spirit of giving bring you joy this holiday season. Would you be ok receiving a regifted Christmas gift?

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