Because I have made it known that I love everything paranormal, I have people share their stories of possible hauntings, ghosts, and spirits with me. Most of the time, the stories are real accounts of things that have happened right here in the Tristate.

Whether you believe in ghosts, the stories make you think and give you chills.

A Group of ghosts haunts Evansville, Indiana, home

One of my Facebook friends shared this chilling story of a group of ghosts that not only have been seen by the people in the house but also felt, grabbed, and even scratched.

... I live in Evansville on the far southeast side it seems our house has been haunted for some time, even before we moved in. My youngest daughter which was about 20 at the time was sitting in the living room recliner and heard someone come down from upstairs nobody else was there but I and my husband and we were in bed, she then saw a womanly figure walk from the area where the stairs are to the kitchen sink then the figure just looked straight at her and just stared at her for a minute and then went back up the stairs. My son when he lived at home was playing video games in his room upstairs sitting on his bed and he suddenly saw the bed indent in like someone sat down next to him he said he felt them actually sit down. We were all sitting in the living room one evening and My oldest daughter saw the back door knob turn and then the back door flung open. My granddaughter has seen many ghosts in the house. One time I was giving her a bath and she just got this scared look on her face and was looking straight past me and I asked what was wrong and she said a man with body bandages wrapped around his head was standing right behind me. She has seen a few women and a few different men throughout the years. I always feel someone bump up against my side of the bed like they are trying to wake me up every night at 3:34. There were a couple of nights when they actually touched my leg and shook it like they wanted to wake me up. The ghost has only harmed 2 people throughout the years but I now believe it was because they were bad people that they didn't want here. They both got scratched deep enough to draw blood, one was on his back and one on his arm right in front of my daughter, myself, and my husband. They were both boyfriends of our daughters at the time but turned out to be bad people. We were going to have a medium come in but I don't want to upset any spirits so we have learned to just live with it. As long as they don't harm anyone we will share our dwelling with them. We know the house was built in the 40s and there was a man that died in the house a long time ago.

How to tell if your house is haunted


Sometimes, the floors in my house just creak for no reason. Is it a ghost walking around? But, why would they have any weight to make a floor creek, aren't they weightless? I feel like I can explain away everything well most things, that happen in my house. So, what are some things that might happen that could mean my house is haunted?

The website, House Logic interviewed George Mattis, co-founder, and president of the National Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research, and ask him that question. Hee is what he had o say.

<span style="font-weight: 300;">Typical reports we get range from seeing shadows, being awakened at night by something hovering over or leaning over the bed, and hearing voices and knocking on walls, ceilings, and floors. Sometimes lights turn on and off by themselves, or objects are moved around. People may even see objects being moved. Many of these things are seen and heard at the same time every night, such as 2 a.m. <br /><br />All of this assumes that you believe this stuff. If you don’t believe, it’s less likely your mind will play tricks on you. If you would like to share a story, send me a </span><a style="font-weight: 300;" href="">message on Facebook</a><span style="font-weight: 300;"> or comment below.</span>

I would love to hear about your haunted house stories. If you would like to share them with me, send me an email, or reach out to me on Facebook.


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