Gettin' Hitched in Boonvegas!

Last Saturday, we were invited to a wedding at Scales Lake in Boonville. We were so excited to get some good food and watch my husband's cousin, Tiffany Sollars, and her longtime fiance, Warren Morris, tie the knot.

The Wedding was FULL of Surprises!

The wedding was super cute - and FULL of audience surprises.

First of all, it was (almost) unscripted! The couple read vows but are born entertainers; they shot from the hip throughout and absolute hilarity ensued. We all laughed!

Then, right before the couple had their first kiss as husband and wife, they STOPPED everything and announced that this wedding was a family affair and that Warren had started the paperwork to adopt Tiffany's oldest Kayde. She cried. They cried. We all cried happy tears.

Savannah Reneé Snyder
Savannah Reneé Snyder
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He Wrote & Recorded a Surprise Song for the Mother/Son Dance at his Wedding

Then came the third big surprise of the night. After dinner, we watched as the couple did all of the standard dances with each other and family members. When it came time for Warren to dance with his mom, I noticed I hadn't heard the song before and I couldn't quite place the artist. After the dance, the DJ announced that the song was written and recorded by none other than Warren, himself!

Like I Said, Born Performers

Warren is no stranger to performing. In fact, the couple has played in our studio before. But how cool was it that he did this for his mom on their special day? I caught up with his mom, Theresa Morris, later on in the night and she told me that he's been a singer ever since he was little and that she was totally taken by surprise by his heartfelt song. It was during the song that she realized it was him singing. And the couple caught the special moment on camera.

Hear 'Mother & Son Dance' Right Here

Here's a copy of the song that Warren has shared with us.

Love all of this and hoping for many blessings for the couple! Love you guys!

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