Indiana has always been a little, let's say, "off," when it comes to the time of day. Our little corner of state has always been (for as long as I've been around anyway) part of the Central Time Zone, however drive an hour north or east and you jump an hour ahead into the Eastern Time Zone. And let's not forget the period of time until the mid-2000's when not everyone sprung ahead or fell back so we'd be on the same time as Vincennes or Indianapolis for six months out of the year, and an hour behind the other six. You practically needed a degree in calculus just to take a road trip.

One Indiana lawmaker is looking to simplify things by proposing the entire state shift to Central Time. State Senator Greg Walker, a Republican representing the state's 41st District (just south of Indianapolis) is using safety as his primary reason for proposing the change. Walker argues many students at schools across the state board have to board the bus, or have their parents take them to school before the sun is fully up which he feels is dangerous.

Of the state's 92 counties, only the 12 in our area of the state observe Central Time as the standard, which on the surface makes the idea of switching to the entire state to the same zone seems odd since we're the minority. Why not move the 12 into Eastern Time like the remaining 80? However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll find the entire state did observe Central Time as the standard until 1965 "when the Interstate Commerce Commission divided the state into Eastern and Central Time," according to the Indianapolis Star.

It should be noted Walker's proposal isn't a be all, end all to switch to Central Time, at this point, it's simply a measure to request a committee look into the advantages and disadvantages of the idea.

Having lived in Evansville my entire life, I like Central Time. Eastern Time just feels like everything starts later (does that make me sound old?). I'm sure if I lived somewhere in the Eastern Time Zone, I'd be used to it, but I'll stay here within the cozy confines of good ol' CST.

What do you think, should the whole state enjoy the benefits of Prime Time TV starting at 7:00 p.m.? Cast your vote in the poll below.


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