You may want to be rethinking your costume because temperatures are about to drop.

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We are just a few days away from my favorite day of the year, Halloween! It's a fun day of getting to dress up and then taking the kids trick or treating.  However, after looking at the forecast, I believe we may be keeping trick-or-treating to just our neighbors' houses and not going around the entire subdivision because it's going to be a chilly one!

Cold Air on the Way

We've really lucked out and had a beautiful (and at times even hot) October here in the Tri-State area.  I was shocked that this late in October we are seeing temperatures in the upper 70s, and I have been loving it.  Unfortunately for us, we won't see these warm temperatures stick around for Halloween as the temperature is going to drop.


According to Ohio Valley Weather Watch, we could see temps in the low 50s to even 40s on Halloween.

Arctic air will plunge south and east beginning the early part of next week. But this will be modified arctic air. By Monday, some of us here in the the lower Ohio Valley will see high temperatures in the middle to upper 50's. Lower to middle 60's over far Western Kentucky. Only reaching the upper 40's to low 50's for Halloween. Frost and freeze warnings will likely be needed for the middle parts of next week. As we've been mentioning, this will indeed end the growing season for many areas. We will keep you updated on any changes over the coming days.
-Certified Forecaster Tony
50s I can handle, but anything below 50 is too cold for me! It certainly sounds like we will be seeing a chilly Halloween especially after the sun goes down.   We are still a week away, so as we get closer to Halloween we will see more accurate temperatures narrowed down, so hopefully we will be in the 50s for Halloween in the Evansville-area.
Regardless, I'll be making sure my costume is jacket-friendly!

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