The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is making its venison donation program available again this fall, with hopes of connecting hunters who wish to donate meat and regular people eager to eat it.

For the third year running, GiveINGame provides a safe and legal exchange for both hunters and those who enjoy deer meat, says DNR deer biologist Chad Stewart. Bartering with, selling or trading venison is illegal.

GiveINGame has been a wildly successful program, obtaining nearly 780 participants in 2012, which was up from around 700 in 2011. A recent survey of those participating in the program say that it is convenient, safe and secure. In fact, nearly 90 percent say they intend to sign up for it again.

“GiveIN Game is a great way to connect people who are looking for a healthy alternative source of protein,” said Stewart. “It gives hunters a reason to continue hunting after they have satisfied their own venison needs. It provides a community service, which gets back to the roots of why hunters first hunted.”

Anyone interested in participating in the 2013 GiveINGame program can register by clicking here.

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