The Indiana Department of Transportation has an important reminder for motorists as we head into winter weather: Don't Crowd The Plow.

With the impending winter weather as we head into the second half of December, it's a good time to be reminded to keep your distance and be aware of blind spots when you are driving near a snow plow or as INDOT calls them #YellowTrucks. When behind a snow plow, keep your distance. You don't want to find yourself, or your car, in the path of the salt or sand being spread behind the truck. Also keep in mind that as with most big trucks, if you can't see the side mirrors on the plow truck, the driver cannot see you. It's best to allow plenty of room between you and the plow and likewise, allow plenty of room when going around one as well. INDOT shared a helpful diagram that you can see below.


As the weather gets cold and the seasonal weather creeps in, you can contact the Indiana Department of Transportation Customer service line at 1-855-INDOT4U (463-6848) if you find a spot that needs some attention from the plows.

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