Summers were amazing when I was a little girl. We lived in the country so I felt like I was free to roam and play wherever I wanted to. After breakfast, my brother and I would go outside and not come in until it got dark outside.

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If we weren't riding our bikes, we were playing in the barn, on an old tractor, pretending we were driving an old junk car, or playing in the sprinkler.

My uncle was the manager of a community pool, so I would sometimes go and spend time with my cousins swimming and diving off of the high dive. Yes, I was only six years old and wowing the poolside peeps with my swimming and fearless spirit.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

I'm the short one in the yellow bikini and that's the high dive, to the right, behind us, on the other side of the pool.

Back then there were no water slides or water parks. Some of my friends had an in-ground pool or above ground, but that was later.

At home, to cool off, we would just improvise. Usually, that meant taking turns spraying each other with the garden hose. But, I do remember swimming in the ditch or mud puddles, too.

Indiana kids play in a backyard pond with an excavator made waves

Like this family in Brown County, IN, we used what we had to cool off and it was so much fun.

Here is how the Licensor describes the video.

My brother-in-law started making waves with his excavator for the kids in the pond. The kids were a mixture of my kids, his kids, and a friend's kid...These are the kinds of things our family does for fun. The kids had a blast.


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