Everyone knows that when you are in the Smokey Mountains, you might see a bear. I have been there several times and never once seen one, other times, just one. at a distance. On the other hand, I've heard so other people say they always see a bear, even close up.

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How many black bears are in and around Gatlinburg, TN

When you visit the Smokies, seeing a bear feels like a celebrity sighting in Hollywood. Sometimes we have stayed in Gatlinburg and never seen a bear, other times it's like we see a couple of them every day. So, just how many black bears are there in that area of the country?

About 1,500 black bears call the Smoky Mountains home, so you have a chance to see them anywhere throughout the area. While seeing a bear in the wild is exciting, please remember that bears are wild animals, and their behavior can be unpredictable.

- chaletvillage.com

Black bears sighting in Smoky Mountain National Forest

On a trip last year, my husband and I saw a family of bears, a mom, and three cubs, while we were driving in the Smokey. Mountain National Forest. We saw people parking their cars and getting out to get closer to the bears to take pics. There was no way we were going to stop and take a video of that family gathering  I felt it was too risky. If the mother bear got irritated, she could have charged those taking videos of her kids.

When a bear only wants to relax and enjoy Gatlinburg, too LOL

Sometimes the bears come to you. My Facebook friend, Kim, had a bear climb up onto their deck and got right into their jacuzzi, while they were in it. OMG!

Can you imagine?!?! You can hear her voice shaking. I had to crack up though. LOL

What should you do if you see a bear?

According to nps.com,

Slowly wave your arms above your head and tell the bear to back off. Do NOT run or make any sudden movements. Do not make any loud noises or screams—the bear may think it's the sound of a prey animal. Hike and travel in groups.

The National Park Service has a ton of tips to keep you safe if you come face to face with a bear. Find all the tips HERE.


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