As rent prices continue to climb, many Americans are struggling to find affordable housing without sacrificing space. A recent study by New Jersey Real Estate Network has uncovered the US cities where renters can enjoy the most room for their hard-earned money and Indiana is home to two cities in the top ten.

Indiana Is a Great Place to Call Home

No doubt Indiana is home to some wonderful places to live but not all of them are as affordable as others. According to the study, two cities in the Hoosier state have some of the cheapest rental rates per square foot nationwide.

Muncie is the Seventh Cheapest in the US

In Muncie, the average rent per square foot is a wallet-friendly $0.86 per month. This figure is an impressive 52% below the national average, which stands at $1.78 per square foot a month. This places Muncie as the seventh cheapest city for rent per square foot across the country.

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Terre Haute is the Tenth Cheapest in the US

Terre Haute, not far behind, boasts an equally budget-friendly rate of $0.89 per square foot a month. This means you can enjoy spacious accommodations for half the price of the national average. Terre Haute holds the tenth position on the list of the cheapest cities for rent per square foot nationwide.

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East vs. West

The study also reveals an intriguing trend: renters in the eastern half of the country generally get more room for their money. The top ten list for the cheapest rent per square foot is entirely occupied by eastern cities. Conversely, the most expensive cities per square foot tend to be located on the West Coast, in mountain states, and even in Hawaii. The only exception on the east coast is Key West, Florida.

Affordable in the Hoosier State

So, if you're looking for affordability and generous space to call home, consider Muncie and Terre Haute, Indiana. These cities offer a breath of fresh air for your budget, allowing you to enjoy spacious living without breaking the bank. With rental rates as low as $0.86 and $0.89 per square foot, respectively, Muncie and Terre Haute stand as shining examples of affordable living in the Hoosier State.

[Source: NewJerseyRealEstateNetwork]

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