Gravestone babies are becoming popular thanks to social media, but what does that mean?

Peaceful Cemeteries

Look, as weird as it sounds, one thing I've always enjoyed is exploring cemeteries.  Mostly because they're usually peaceful, and full of history.  It's truly amazing what you can learn about a person's life from their headstone.  Recently my husband and I took a drive through Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville to try to find his grandparents' graves.  We ended up not finding them, but we found ourselves reading each headstone we passed, and commenting on the names we saw.

Photo by Kevin Andre on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Andre on Unsplash

We're currently trying to come up with the perfect name for our baby girl due in October, and so far no dice.  But we did find some name ideas in the cemetery, which was a place I would have never thought about finding name inspiration.  But apparently, some parents are heading to cemeteries to find the perfect baby name!

Gravestone Babies

Some expectant parents have taken to social media to show themselves walking around cemeteries and using the names on headstones as inspiration for babies to be!  I'm in a group on Facebook that highlights unique cemeteries and graves throughout the Hoosier State. Someone recently shared this article from Today about a family who went viral for using headstones to find their next baby's name.


The Hodge Family on Tik Tok went to a cemetery and would read off names on headstones, and they found some beautiful and unique name ideas.  It's kind of like a more interactive way of looking at a list of baby names online or in a book. In the Tik Tok caption below, Haley Hodge says that her sister's name was actually found on a gravestone, so this tradition must go way back in her family!

If you do decide to wander through a cemetery for name ideas, please remember while you're there you're reading the headstones of real people who have passed on, so be respectful. It is kind of neat to think that even in death these folks may be inspiring the next generation, it feels like a circle of life moment.

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