Have you ever given any thought to what other folks around the country are snacking on at Christmas time? Ever wonder if your preferences are unique to you and your family, or your region, or even your state? I know I have NOT thought about those things, and you probably haven’t either, but there is someone who has – the folks at ZIPPIA.COM.

I first learned about zippia.com when I saw their map that showed the most popular Thanksgiving side for each state. Well, they’re back with a new map, one that shows the most popular Christmas treat in each state. The methodology is the same…

Using Google Trends, we determined what Christmas treat each state eats a disproportionate amount of. We examined over 40 Christmas classics- including candy stocking stuffers, peppermint yumminess, and all the cakes. From there, we determined what treat is searched a disproportionately, high amount.



I could say that the results are surprising, but that’s not exactly true – like I said, I haven’t given this any thought, so nothing would surprise me at this point. Although I’m not surprised, I must say that the results did leave me scratching my head a bit. Up to this point, I have celebrated 44 Christmases, and I have (clearly) eaten a lot of snacks along the way. Never in my life, to the best of my recollection, have I eaten Christmas pudding, even though it seems to be quite popular in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana. If I’m being honest, I don’t even know what Christmas pudding is. Is a special kind of pudding, or is it just any pudding you eat at Christmas time? Seriously, someone please clear this up for me.

Why can’t we be more like Florida (I never thought I’d say that)? They are one of several states whose favorite Christmas treat is cheesecake. Come to think of it, how in the world is cheesecake not the most popular for every doggone state? Oh well, I guess pudding isn’t that bad. I could always be worse, right? I mean, at least we’re not like North and South Carolina – their favorite Christmas treat is friggin’ fruit cake. Yikes!

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