When someone goes missing, I can only imagine how unbearable it is for the family. The feeling of hope is strong, but as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to keep hope alive. But, with the help of friends, community, and law enforcement hope is never lost.

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On March 23, 2022, Tristate veteran, Pamela Winchester, disappeared from a convenience store in Handerson, Ky. SHe was on her way to meet her husband in Mitchell, IN. Her husband, Dennis, was recently interviewed by 44News,

I gave it a couple of hours. Drive time. And I borrowed her sister's car and headed back this way...I found her car just before noon...I was very shocked when I found the car unlocked, the trunk was open...It didn't feel very good at that point. Felt like my world had just fallen apart...
Pamela winchester/HPD
Pamela Winchester/HPD

Details on the disappearance of Pamela Winchester

Facebook post from the Henderson Poice Department

The Henderson Police Department and Hardin County(Illinois) Sheriff's Office are currently investigating a Missing Person case involving Pamela Winchester a 61-year-old female. On 03/23/2022 Winchester was traveling alone from her residence in Elizabethtown, Illinois to Mitchell, Indiana when she never arrived at her destination. Winchester called a family member in Mitchell, Indiana at around 5:30 am and advised she had stopped in Henderson, KY. Her vehicle is a gray 2002 Ford Taurus with an Illinois veteran tag and was found in the parking lot of the Circle K Truck Stop, at 3113 U.S. 41 North on 03/23/2022. This is the last confirmed sighting of Winchester. Winchester's phone has been off, and the family advised they have not heard from her. Pamela Winchester is a 61-year-old white female, 5'1" tall, weighs 130lbs, and has shoulder-length brown and gray hair. She was last seen wearing glasses, blue jeans, and a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Let's all help to bring Pamela home. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Henderson Police Department at (270)831-1295.

Daniel Winchester/HPD
Dennis Winchester/HPD

Original Facebook post from Pamela's husband

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who love Pamela and hope for her safe return.

Personal safety tips

Stay safe and keep those you love safe, too. Discuss what it means to know your surroundings. We just reminded our niece about this very thing because she just got her driver's license. It's so important to not be distracted and to know what and who is around you.

7 Ways to Practice Situational Awareness
  1. Be mindful. Practice being in the moment
  2. Identify exits. 
  3. Watch people without staring. 
  4. Notice nonverbal cues. 
  5. Limit distractions. 
  6. Trust your gut feeling. 
  7. Be strategic. 

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