Illinois homeowners that purchase an older residence can discover some interesting items left behind by the previous occupants and these recent findings were definitely scary.

Unusual Discoveries At Older Homes In Illinois

There's a big difference between purchasing a new or older home. The new house doesn't have any history. You're probably not going to discover anything strange while going through the place. In an older home, owners can find some weird stuff. It's usually forgotten about and left behind. Sometimes, those findings can be a little scary. Especially, if it's some kind of weapon.

Illinois Bomb Squad Removes Military Explosives

First Bomb Squad Call In Illinois This Week

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This incident happened in Elmhurst. A man was cleaning out his parent's house. While going through some boxes in storage, he found an old grenade. The stunned son called the police and they sent out the bomb squad. They were able to remove and dispose of the explosive without any problems. He has no idea where it came from.

Police crime scene
Illinois Bomb Squad Removes Military Explosives

Second Bomb Squad Call In Illinois This Week

According to fox32chicago,

Now, we travel to Antioch. This time it was a nice summer day and a woman was playing in the backyard of her home with the children. She noticed something sticking out of the crowd. The mother didn't want any of the kids to get hurt while playing by tripping over it. She grabbed a shovel out of her garage and dug it up.

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The woman had no idea what it was so she started asking around. It was strongly recommended that she call the local police. The authorities brought in the bomb squad. They figured out that the unidentified object was actually a rocket from World War II. It was safely removed and detonated. In both situations, the homeowners are lucky the explosives didn't go off.

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

Gallery Credit: Danny Willams via Facebook

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