It's the holiday season already, and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey and candles. If you plan to deep fry a bird this year or use holiday candles, make sure your homeowner's insurance is paid up and I mean RIGHT NOW, just in case you set fire to your home, which is more common than you think Allstate Insurance says claims jump up by 15% during the holiday season because of accidents associated with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's celebrations. The most common cause of a home fire this time of year, especially at Christmas, would be candles.The average insurance claim for a candle related blaze is about $50,000.

Fires caused by deep frying turkeys jumps up 300% this time of year, with the average insurance claim right around $29,000.

Christmas tree fires are almost always bad news and the average claim following a Christmas tree fire is about $100,000.

Fireworks are usually the main culprit on New Year's Eve.  In fact, the number of fireworks related New Year's Eve fires doubles,  with the average claim coming in at around $14,000.

If your holiday plans include any of the above, check your insurance policy now to make sure you are covered. If you rent, make sure you have renter's insurance, especially if you plan to put up a Christmas tree.

The below video is a humorous little piece put together by State Farm Insurance that draws attention to the dangers of deep frying a turkey, which many people totally screw up. The video stars William Shatner and really drives the point home. Be safe and Happy Holidays!