If you live in Daviess County Ky or some of the surrounding counties that are affected by the water main break boil order, you don't need to go out and buy price gouged drinking water or travel far and wide to find good drinking water. We have all of the water we need, right here!!

Earlier, my brother-in-law called my husband to see if he was going out of town and if so, could he buy them some bottled water because the shelves were bare in Owensboro. My husband said he would, but WE will be staying safe the old fashioned way.

According to USA Today, all you have to do to make your drinking water safe is boil it! Hence the name BOIL ORDER!! It really works!

Boiling water is the most effective method of purifying it. To do so, you will need a heat source, such as a cooker or camping stove, and a vessel to hold the water.


According to the Washington State Department of Health and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, you should bring the water to boil and keep it rolling for one minute to purify it. At altitudes above one mile, 2,000 meters, you should increase the rolling time to three minutes.

There you go! No need to panic because Western Kentucky is running out of bottled water, just grab a couple of pots, fill them with tap water and start boiling. It will save you money, time and waste!!

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