Some people have noticed dryer sheets randomly in their mailboxes. They're there for a reason, and you might want to put one in there yourself.

Have you by chance gone outside recently to check your mail only to find a dryer sheet in there? As it turns out, it isn't in there by accident. In fact, your mail carrier likely put the dryer sheet in your mailbox, and it's best that you leave it in there.

It's that time of year when it's beginning to get warmer outside, and more and more insects are coming out to "play". A few of these creatures that I've already seen out a handful of times are ones that nobody really likes: yellowjackets and wasps. Let's be honest, those jerks are the devil. They won't hesitate to sting you, and I think we all know that it doesn't feel pleasant. One place that wasps and yellowjackets like to hide out in is your mailbox.


There's A Dryer Sheet In My Mailbox

So if wasps and yellowjackets like to hang out and nest in mailboxes, that doesn't make for a great surprise to you or your mail carrier when the lid is open. The last thing that either of you wants is to reach your hand inside and get stung by one of these pests. So, long story short, if you find a dryer sheet in your mailbox, there's a good chance that your mail carrier put it there.

Why Would My Mail Carrier Put A Dryer Sheet In My Mailbox?

There is a mail carrier on Reddit that shared a little secret of the trade when it comes to wasps, yellowjackets, and your mailbox. To avoid having these insects build their nests in your mailbox, mail carriers will sometimes place scented dryer sheets in there. Apparently, wasps and yellowjackets HATE them!

Why Does This Work?

Wasps and yellowjackets strongly dislike strong aromas. This is why scented dryer sheets placed in your mailbox are used as a preventative measure to help keep your mailbox from being a home to these little boogers. Again, this is a preventative measure here. So if you find a large nest in your mailbox, do yourself and your mail carrier a favor by getting rid of it ASAP. After you do that, be sure to place a scented dryer sheet in your mailbox to help make sure other wasps and yellowjackets keep out.

How Long Will It Work?

Given the fact that the wasps and yellowjackets hate the smell that comes from the scented dryer sheet, if the smell is no longer there that's an open invitation for the wasps and yellowjackets to return. You'll want to switch it out when you notice the scent is no longer fresh and strong. As far as what kind of scented dryer sheet works best, any scented dryer sheet should do the trick, according to the mail carrier on Reddit.

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To wrap this up, if you see a dryer sheet in your mailbox, leave it in there. It's been placed there for a reason. If there isn't one and your mailbox or the area around your mailbox gets a lot of attention from wasps and yellowjackets, do your mail carrier a solid and put a scented dryer sheet in there.

(H/T- Reddit)

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