One of the sure signs of warmer weather in the Tri-State every year is the presence of orange construction barrels on the highways that criss-cross the area. I've seen some people jokingly comment on social media that the sight of orange barrels on the highway is so commonplace around here that Indiana should consider adopting it as the state flower. At least I think they were joking. It's hard to tell sometimes. Despite our feelings when we see the barrels, they are necessary to offer some element of safety to road crews doing whatever work they need to get done by (hopefully) getting those of us driving through those areas to slow down a bit.

Like it or not, a new set of barrels will "bloom" in Evansville later this week as the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will be setting up lane restrictions on I-69 between Morgan Avenue and the Lloyd Expressway to allow crews the opportunity to repaint the Oak Grove Road overpass.

The restrictions are set to begin on Saturday (July 31st, 2021) in both directions. INDOT did not specify how far in advance of the overpass the restrictions will begin, but I assume they'll give you plenty of warning so you have enough time to switch lanes.

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Restrictions will change over the course of the project as crews complete one section of the overpass and move on to the next one. The job is expected to be completed by the end of August weather permitting.

INDOT did note in their announcement the open lanes will be restricted to 16-feet wide and that those carrying loads wider than that should look for an alternate route around the overpass. Of course, if you despise the orange barrels and the thought of having to drive 15 to 20 miles below the speed limit through that area makes you grit your teeth, you may want to consider an alternate route too.

[Source: Indiana Department of Transporation]

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