Growing up, no one in my family liked to wrap Christmas gifts except for me. So, that meant that I wrapped all of the gifts.

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I didn't mind wrapping everyone's Christmas gifts, it nurtured my creative spirit. I would get super creative, too, and by trial and error, I mastered the art of gift-wrapping. the whole family looked forward to seeing what I would come up with.

Today, I still wrap every gift. But, If you are like the rest of my family and hate wrapping, I have some helpful tips to get you started and make you the best gift wrapper in your family.

Here are some of my own personal gift-boxing hacks.

  • When you order online, save the boxes. If you don't use the box to wrap the gift that is already in the box, use it to box another gift. Or, you can even use the extra boxes to store your Christmas decorations for next year.
  • Use other boxes that you have around the kitchen to box your gifts. Try empty cereal, cake mix, or trash bags, any box will do. It's fun to unwrap a gift and see the food box your gift is wrapped in. My kids have always loved it. It's like unwrapping a gift twice.
  • If you have various baskets or containers sitting around that you aren't using, get them out and box a gift. Use Christmas-themed decorative netting, tissue pare,s or foil, add some ribbon, and make it look like a beautiful present.

I would love to hear about your gift-wrapping hacks too. Email them to me, HERE.

If you are a novice to gift wrapping, try these tips.

Want more gift-wrapping ideas and hacks? These are amazing and so creative.


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