To me, there is no bigger pain the butt this time of year more than wrapping the gifts. My problem is twofold because my son Ethan's birthday is December 19th and Christmas is just days later.......two sets of gifts....what to do?

Normally, I would have my wife handle it, but because of her schedule this year, I was just informed that the gift wrapping is up to me this year. PANIC!!!!!

I hate wrapping gifts at ANY point during the year, let alone Christmas!! Couple my hatred of wrapping with the fact that I SUCK at it, makes it even that much more difficult. If only there was a way to wrap gifts in just a matter of seconds.

Well, there is! I came across the below video and actually tried it. You know what? IT WORKED!!! The first gift was a little challenging, but once I got past that one, I was home free. This technique is pretty awesome and I only tried it with smaller gifts that were in a box. Finally......something I don't suck at anymore! See for yourself.


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