On the show this morning, we told you that  Miranda Lambert received just what she had hoped for from sweetheart husband Blake Shelton yesterday: a giant ring shaped like a hummingbird and covered in pink and white jewels.

Miranda tweeted a photo of the unique ring yesterday, saying “Y’all look at my V- day gift. I have been wanting this for a year and a half! I have the best husband in the world!” And it would seem her entire Valentine’s Day was just as exciting, as she tweeted later that evening, “I don’t like it when Valentines day is over. U think it should be Valentine’s days!” later adding, “I am glad I have an awesome Valentine everyday tho!”

If you’re inspired by this sweet Valentine’s Day present, you might like to know more about the couple’s love story. After meeting in 2006, the two were engaged in 2010 and tied the knot in 2011 in Boerne, Texas. And, so far.....it's worked out so well! ;-)

Great job Blake!! Maybe you should talk to Quenton!! lol

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