Finally, Netflix is allowing subscribers to opt out of the autoplay previews. Depending on who is in the room, (young children), you might not want them to see some of the previews for certain shows. Or, maybe you just don't want to see them yourself.

After many complaints about this very frustrating feature, Netflix announced on Twitter that they are giving you instructions on how to turn it off.

Here is what you need to do.

  • Go to in your web browser
  • Sign in
  • Go to manage profiles
  • Click user profile
  • Uncheck the button that says Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices
  • Hit save

This is pretty cool because it will actually turn off the previews on all of your devices.


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My top 5 Netflix picks

Atypical is a fascinating, dramatic, humorous and real look at Autism. It explores the family dynamic, social scenarios, and a look into the mind of a teen with Autism. You will love it.

If you don't mind subtitles, this is an amazing mix of suspense, mystery and time travel that will blow your mind.

One, if not the best takes on the story of Count Dracula I have ever scene. The acting us incredible and it will suck you into every episode.

Before there was You, there was OA. It's deals with obsession in a dark scientific setting. It tells you to trust the unknown and you are scared to go there, but you do. Mind bending and intense.

I love scary stories. This takes a page out of classic horror films of the past and blends it with twists and turns you will never expect. it's literally amazing.

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