The holidays are here and while we all work on buying gifts for everyone on our list, and finalizing plans for family get-togethers, let's not forget there are kids and families who will be spending their holidays in Memphis, receiving treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. But, there's an easy way to let those patients know you're thinking of them, and offer them words of encouragement and hope.

The facility is offering special holiday e-cards that let you do just that. Just pick one of eight designs inspired by artwork created by St. Jude patients, then write your message. You use your own words, or select a pre-written message, or a combination of the two, up to 200 characters. After saving your message, "sign it" by adding your name and e-mail address on the final screen, and St. Jude will make sure it gets to patients.

Of course you can also give the gift of hope by becoming a Partner in Hope any time of the year by clicking here.

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