Our third annual Bar Golf event sponsored by Miller Light is this Saturday, November 22nd from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Join us to play an exciting round of bar golf in the local Evansville area! Registration opens at 10 am at the west side Show-me’s location. There will be four non-designated drivers on a team, and one designated driver, totaling five people. Registration for your team of 5 is $25. The golf scramble will be held at nine local bars, with two rounds of miniature golf at each. One your team has completed their rounds, you will meet at the east side Showme’s to claim your prize! Each bar will have different beer specials and they will be providing your golfing equipment.

So, next order of business... how to pick the perfect Bar Golf team. Here's three tips to picking the perfect Bar Golf Team.

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Choose a Team of Professional Putters

You can Happy Gilmore the heck out of some golf balls all day long but it won't help you win Bar Golf. You want a team of individuals who have control enough to putt it gently into the hole. Tappy tap...

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Leave the Drama Queens at Home

You need to concentrate, people! Comprise your team of individuals with a cool head who can focus on the task at hand - even with a drink or two in them.


Bring a DD (Designated Driver) Who Can Focus on the Road

This should be your first choice for your team. Every team MUST have one! They will get you to the bars safely so it's vital to pick yours based on driving skill and the ability to say, "no thanks."