Being from Boonville, Indiana, and going off to college in Kentucky, I have had people surprisingly ask me "which Boonville is that?" I was confused by their question because I had no idea there were more cities named Boonville out there! Apparently there are quite a few.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I did a little research to find out where all of these other cities named Boonville are located. It's a simple Google search that you can do yourself by just typing in "cities named _____ in the United States." I only did this for my hometown, but it would be interesting to find out information like that about other cities in the tri-state.

According to Google, there are six different cities throughout the U.S. named Boonville (I bet we are the only one nicknamed "Boonvegas" though):

So as you can see, Boonville, Indiana is the second biggest city named Boonville. I was somewhat surprised by that because around here, we consider Boonville to be small. Compared to some of the other Boonville's, we aren't too tiny. One cool fun fact that I found out about Boonville, MO, is that country singer, Sara Evans was born there. You can click on each Boonville's respective links to find out other fun facts.



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