A while back, Olive Garden restaurants ran a promotion selling unlimited pasta passes for $100, but there were only 1000 of the passes available and had to be purchased online. There were different stories about how people used their passes including one guy who ate every meal on his pass every single day, but one story really stood out more than any other. The passes entitled the holder to unlimited pasta, breadsticks, salad and Coca-Cola drinks for for 49 straight days, with an expiration date of November 9th.

Matt Tribe of Ogden Utah used his pass in the most inspirational way possible by feeding the hungry and homeless. His goal was to feed as many as possible during the promotion and he called his idea Random Acts of Pasta.

Tribe wanted to use the pass at least 100 times during the promotional window and wound up using it 125 times and never once for himself.

This time of year is particularly rough on the needy because shelters and food pantries are overrun. There are too many people in this country who go without, but it is very comforting to know that people like Matt Tribe are out there. Watch his story below and lets all be inspired to do the same thing, or at least what we can.


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