As they typically do every season, Holiday World will be adding something new to the park. This year was the complete remodel of the former Kringle Kafe into Santa's Merry Marketplace, while past additions have been The Thunderbird, The Voyage, and other rides that are now staples of the park. Whatever it is they have planned for 2020 only they know, but they've been having a little fun with fans by dropping a few clues over the past couple of weeks, including some that recently showed up at our offices.

A week or so back, I put what investigative skills I have from watching TV crime dramas to the test and tried to figure out what the new attraction could be based on clues they provided on social media and through their e-newsletter. Did the contents of these mystery boxes that showed up on our doorstep confirm my theory, or did it raise more questions ahead of the August 6th announcement? Take a look at the video above to see what they brought, then take a guess as to what you think it might be in our poll below.

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