Being a kid is undeniably tough, and the challenges escalate when a child finds themselves displaced from their home. However, amidst these hardships, Hillcrest Youth Services offers support to at-risk youths in the Evansville area.

What Does Hillcrest Youth Services in Evansville Do?

Jim Ward, the CEO explained to me that some of these kids endure abuse and neglect, while others are left homeless due to their parents' incarceration. Hillcrest acts as emergency housing until a fitting foster home or a welcoming family member can be found. The shelter also accommodates runaways and those kids who, lacking supervision at home, find themselves entangled in troublesome situations.

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Recently, I wrote an article about Hillcrest needing bedding for the kids who are placed in emergency care. I'm happy to report that the community came through for these kiddos. The facility received an abundance of new bedding and mattresses.

Santa, Are You Listening?

Now, the Christmas season is upon us. And, Hillcrest will be considered home to displaced youth this holiday season. Tyler Douglas, the Independent Living and Activities Specialist reached out to me about a fundraiser the organization is hosting to raise the money needed to give the Hillcrest residents a great Christmas, despite their circumstances.
Hillcrest Youth Services Facebook
Hillcrest Youth Services Facebook

On Monday, December 18th, visit Prime Time Pub and Grill at 8177 Bell Oaks Dr. in Newburgh, IN, any time throughout the day.  A percentage all of purchases on December 18th will go towards providing the youth placed at Hillcrest with a great Christmas!

I'm sure Santa wouldn't forget about these particular kids who have already had a rough go of it. But he will need our help and if there's one thing I know about our community is that we rally and always come through for our kids.

Other Ways to Donate

If you'd like to donate to Hillcrest, you can give via their paypal account.

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