Last night for the Super Bowl our friend Chris was having people over to watch it, and while we were there to watch football we all ended up getting a little distracted with Chris' virtual reality games.  As it turns out watching people play VR games, is just as much fun as actually playing VR games! 

I had never used a VR headset before and let me tell you, it was slightly terrifying! haha! It is definitely a weird sensation. In the video you'll see my best friend, Lindsay reacting to a T-Rex coming towards her, then you'll see my husband, Sam who is in a bar fight, and then you'll see me, who is also in a bar fight.

The game we played you were in a bar, and you had to fight people at the bar, and seeing all the pretend people come at you, was actually terrifying. I not doubt had the loudest reaction, I'm sorry about your impending noise complaint Chris!

Check out the video of us giving virtual reality games a try, and if you ever get the chance to play one of these you have to check it out!


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