Let's just say you're better off finding a different spot.

The photos below from the Anaheim Fire Department went viral earlier this week for obvious reasons. Firefighters on the scene of a fire gave zero cares about the owner of this car's feelings when they needed to use a hydrant for its intended purpose — to put out a fire.

As you might expect, reactions to the photos weren't all positive with many people seeing the decision to share the photos as a way to embarrass the car's owner, while others wondered why firefighters on the scene didn't simply go over or under the car with the hose. Well, the department heard those reactions, and provided an answer:

The results in Evansville may not be quite this drastic if you were to make the same mistake this person did, however if you were blocking a hydrant and the Fire Department needed it, anything is possible. Indiana state law lists the violation as a Class C Infraction which can carry a fine of up to $500, however the state does allow each city to set it's own penalties.

What is more likely to happen according to Sergeant Jason Cullum and Officer Phil Smith with the Evansville Police Department is you'll get a $15 parking ticket and your car will be towed which means you'll be on the hook for whatever additional costs it takes to get your car back.

Of course the best way to avoid any of these scenarios it to just find another parking spot, even if it's a little further away from where you're going than you'd like. A few extra steps will do you some good and save you a decent amount of cash.

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