There's a snake found in Indiana; if you came across it in the wild, you might confuse it with fishing bait.

It's no secret that I am very afraid of snakes. That being said, I do understand are some benefits to keeping them around. However, if I were to see one in my yard, I would instinctively run away. The fact that I am even writing about a snake right now is baffling to me. Of course, this isn't the first time we have talked about snakes. In the past, some other snake-related articles have included: the four venomous snakes found in Indiana, the biggest snake found in Indiana, DIY repellants to keep snakes out of your yard, and an Indiana venomous snake that smells like cucumbers. Now, we're going to talk about a snake that at first glance looks like a nightcrawler, but it is indeed, a snake.

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That's Not Fishing Bait!

I have lived in Indiana my whole life, and I have never come across a snake like this...or have I? Let's face it, I try to avoid coming into contact with any type of snake at all costs, but this snake in particular could have been in plain sight and I never would have known it. Why? Because it is often misidentified with a nightcrawler.


The cleverly named, Wormsnake, is a tiny snake that at first glance might resemble an earthworm. Now, thanks to the Indiana DNR, I'll be thinking twice about finding worms to use as fishing bait on my own. Here's what the Indiana DNR said in a recent post on Facebook about the Wormsnake:

Of all the different species of snakes found in Indiana, most all of them are harmless including this tiny Wormsnake that resembles a night crawler. It is easy to see where it gets its name, so look closely when digging for worms!
Indiana Department of Natural Resources Facebook
Indiana Department of Natural Resources Facebook

These Wormsnakes are pretty secretive creatures and spend a lot of time underground or burrowed into rotten logs. Indiana DNR says that they are mostly found in the southern half of Indiana, and often go unseen.

These snakes are completely harmless to humans. Their mouths are so small they probably would struggle to grasp a finger. So, when it comes to Wormsnakes, you shouldn't have to worry about anything. I mean heck, you might not ever see one since they spend most of their lives underground. Even if you did, you might just mistake it for a nightcrawler anyway.

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