The Harry Potter movies gave us so many cool things, like the Elder Wand, the Resurrection stone and many other devices that will probably never exist beyond the imagination. The coolest gadget from the movie had to be the Invisibility Cloak, which was passed on to Harry by his father James. The cloak itself does not exist yet, but the technology does and a prototype proves it. Thanks to Baile Zhang, an assistant physics professor in Singapore, we now have a very small prototype of the 'invisibility cloak' that was introduced at a tech conference in California on Monday.

Zhang says his cloak is made from two optical crystals that are found in nature. When cemented together, they bend light and suppress shadows to the point they can hide objects.

Zhang also said he created his cloak just for fun, but would love to advance the technology to create something like the cloak used by Harry cool would that be. See the actual demonstration of the cloak below...stick that in your shorts Lord Voldemort!


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