Good morning, y'all. It's 6:30 AM on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time. Or is it the end of DST? Well, who knows... we sprung forward and everything seems backwards. Losing an hour of sleep does that to you.

I have a Kindergartener at home. Sleep is of the essence. It's so important that after we were forced to drop the afternoon nap, we moved bedtime up to 7 PM so she gets a full 12 hours in. Sounds dramatic? You were NOT HERE for the meltdowns! YOU WERE NOT HERE. OK?!

We value sleep in our home and after a weekend of sleepovers and playdates, my daughter was more than ready for bedtime last night. She ended up going down at 7:30 which was 6:30 in pre DST world.

So, here we are 6:30 and in 20 short minutes, like many many other parents across the country, I have to wake the beast on the first day out of a time change. And for those of you yelling at your computer screen that it actually happened on Sunday... well zip it. You know darn good and well, church doesn't start til 9 so we can sleep til 8, which is 7 in pre-DST world so we were right on schedule.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to offer a bit of encouragement if you are a parent who has to wake up an angelic sleeping child at this UNGODLY HOUR. I see you, I hear you, I definitely feel you. We are in this together. Now, put on your battle armor. Smear on the war paint. And fall in line to execute the bravest mission you will face up to this point.

It's time. Now GO GO GO GO!

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