Hank Williams Jr.'s departure from ESPN last week came on the heels of an interview the country superstar did on Fox & Friends where he compared President Obama to Hitler. ESPN suspended Hank's opening song from last week's game and then later in the week severed their ties with him completely. Williams issued a statement apologizing for offending anyone and said his comments were misunderstood. Williams even received some support from The View's Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. You just knew Hank was not going to take this lying down and has since written a song about the ordeal called 'Keep The Change' which blasts ESPN and Fox. The song is done in typical Hank Jr. fashion, but is a little different in that the song is very angry and on the surface appears Williams is trying 'cash in' on the controversy.

 Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Hank Jr.'s and feature his music very prominently on the Saturday morning classics show, but this song really doesn't make a lot of sense. Williams claims his First Amendment rights were trampled on, which they were not. He had every right to say what he did and ESPN had EVERY right to cut their ties with him and his song, so, where is the First Amendment violation? The musical quality of the song is great, but the message is a little muddied.That being said, Williams had every right to record this song and get it out there and I defend his right to do so with every fiber of my being. I just wish the song had a little less blame and finger pointing.

 You can hear the song and read a complete review of the song from Taste of Country.com by clicking here and make your own opinion... because after all, our right to an opinion is what America is all about whether you agree or disagree with the message.