868 days. That's how long it will be between the final bell of Guns & Hoses 12 on April 13th, 2019, and the first bell of Guns & Hoses 13 on August 28th. Far, far too long in my opinion. Of course, that nearly two-and-a-half-year gap isn't anyone's fault. Had the pandemic not happened, Guns & Hoses 13 would have taken place in April of 2020, and Guns & Hoses 14 would have happened four months ago. But it did happen, so here we are. 868 days since one of the best annual events in the Tri-State has taken place. The bright, shining light here is that despite the sizeable gap between events, we are talking about it happening again, and I have no doubt the energy inside the Ford Center on August 28th is going to be insane.

But, before the fighters face each other in the ring, each and every fighter must first step on the scale and literally size each other up at the pre-fight weigh-ins this Friday night (August 13th, 2021) at KC's Marina Pointe on LST Drive, just off Waterworks Road in downtown Evansville.

The doors open at 5:30 PM with weigh-ins scheduled to begin at 7:00 when fighters from all 13 scheduled bouts will take their turn stepping on the scale. Unlike a sanctioned boxing event, or UFC pay per view, there are no weight classes for Guns & Hoses meaning fighters are not required to be within a certain weight range. With that said, the 911 Gives Hope matchmakers do their best to pair up fighters who are as close to equal size as possible. This prevents a 160-pound fighter from taking on someone who outweighs them by 150 pounds.

Most fighters keep it simple. They'll lose their shirt and shoes, strip down to a pair of shorts, and step on the scale with a little flexing thrown in at the end. However, past weigh-ins have featured a few fighters adding a little flair to the proceedings with American Flag-themed Spandex briefs or messages painted on their chest.

Friday night's weigh-ins are free and open to the public (including children), so grab your friends and head to KC's Marina Pointe for a bite to eat, a beer, and to get ready to see this year's Guns & Hoses' gladiators step on the scale as they get ready to do battle at the Ford Center!

Tickets for Guns & Hoses 13 are available now at the Ford Center box office and online through Ticketmaster.

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