If you were a fan of the original Power Rangers, you may remember the Green Ranger....well he was spotted on the Lloyd Expressway! Over the weekend, one of my friends posted a picture on Facebook of someone driving on the Lloyd Expressway, on a green motorcycle, DRESSED as the Green Ranger!

Molly Wilson/Facebook
Molly Wilson/Facebook


I'm extremely jealous of anyone who spotted the Green Ranger over the weekend. This has to be the greatest thing that I have ever seen on the Lloyd Expressway!

Whoever this person is, they just made my day! I am extending a personal invitation to the Green Ranger to stop by the studio. I want to hear how they came up with the idea to do this. If you know who this person is, send them my way!

.....I really just want to try the helmet on that way I can say that I was once a Power Ranger!


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