I just love this man and his family. I have blogged about Henry Davis and his beautiful wife, Faye, in the past. Their story is a love story that melts my heart. Can you say relationship goals?

Today (March 6) is a very special day for Henry. Henry turns 100 years young. Last month, he even renewed his drivers license. He passed the test with flying colors. Since he first got his drivers license, he has never received a ticket. That is incredible. I think I've had around 5 tickets and I'm half his age.

On Facebook, I did an OMG quiz. Things don't look good for me at 100. Don't think I will be passing my drivers test or any other test. LOL

Henry says that the secret to his longevity is Canadian Mist at 4:00 in the afternoon. Love it. Join us in wishing Henry the happiest of birthdays today as he cerebrates the century mark.

The city of Grayville, IL recognized Henry today and surprised him by presenting him with a key to the city. And, over 100 middle and high school students showed up to sing him the Happy Birthday song.

Tess Davis

Ryan and I talked to Henry and his daughter-in-law today during all of the festivities. #QCrewQuickie

Henry and his wife Faye will celebrate their 81st wedding anniversary in July. <3

Davis Family
Davis Family
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